Kate Middleton’s burlesque dancer cousin Katrina Darling posing for Playboy

Kate Middleton and Katrina Darling
While Kate Middleton doesn’t really like to be on any magazine cover but “forced” to be on Woman’s Day, The Republic, and Marie Claire Cover, her burlesque dancer cousin, Katrina Darling, is posing for the September issue of Playboy magazine. If Katrina Darling isn’t relatives of the royal icon she may just another sexy-girl on Playboy cover but we believe her fame is going to expose because she is going to be. “It would be nice to meet [Kate Middleton], but I’m not actually going to pursue it”, said Katrina Darling. Do you think it is embarrassing to have a burlesque-dancer cousin? A yes or no? Indeed, Katrina Darling is also Pippa Middleton’s cousin.






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