Rihanna/Pattinson Texts: What are the text messages?

Rihanna Pattinson Texts
Okay, the latest news related to Robert Pattinson isn’t the story that he bought a cheap car from craglist but the text messages in between him and Rihanna. So, what are they texting to each other? Flirt messages? Love messages? We know Rihanna cries to Oprah last few weeks over Chris Brown breakup but now she recovered with Pattinson’s love? To be honest, we are still finding the truth of the Vampire love. Rumor is from OK! Magazine, a so-called friend of Rihanna said she has had a crush on Pattinson and she had recently text the Vampire to cheer him up after he broke up with Kristen Stewart. The texting could be rumors, could be real, could be fake. Our question is, do you wish to see Rihanna and Pattinson tie the knot? Yes or No?






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