Kate Middleton Gold Digger Video makes us sick

Middleton Gold Digger Video
A promotional video made by Chinese tourism executives portrayed the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton as a gold digger. In the Gold Digger video, Kate is played by Mularkey. Kate, Prince William, and Queen Elizabeth II were standing in the rain trying to hail a taxi but Kate Middleton says she didn’t marry into royalty to hail around in a public cab. How on earth the creator of this video has the imagination to write the script out? Of course the video is being taken down all over the internet. However, here are some of the conversation from the video.

Kate Middleton: “I just don’t understand why we cannot take the royal limo. I didn’t marry into royalty to schlep around in a taxi.”

Prince William: “But darling, granny is right. The commoners want to see us tightening our belts and all that.”

Kate Middleton: “Rubbish, people want to see that they can be like us if they just work hard.”

Queen Elizabeth II: “Like you did?”

It’s sarcastic, ironic, mocking, scornful, disrespectful, sardonic… Here’s the Middleton Gold Digger video. You may still see it before it is being taken down from Youtube. The video is sick, the creator is sick, but not Chinese.





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