What? Robert Pattinson drives a $2,500 Chevy Silverado?

Robert Pattinson Car
What? Robert Pattinson drives a $2,500 Chevy Silverado? Many Pattinson’s fans may react even more surprise than us when their know the millionaire celebrities is a economical man. The 26-year-old blood sucker is earning an estimate $26.5 million last year from all his film and he spend money like a man pulling $26,000 a year. Guess what? Pattinson recently purchase an old Chevy Silverado from Craigslist and he says that is a beautiful and solid car. Other than this $2,500 Silverado, Pattinson also mentioned the first car he ever bought was $1,000 at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show. Tell us now, do you feel “What the heck is Robert Pattinson thinking? He should at least get a Lamborghini Aventador like Kim Kardashian do.” or you feel “Millionaire doesn’t means he or she has to got a fancy car”.

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