Jennifer Aniston wins the Award for Best Dirtbag

Jennifer Aniston
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If you watched the movie “Horrible Bosses” or see Jennifer Aniston Horrible Bosses pictures before, you will know why she is awarded Best Dirtbag. Everyone know the 43-year-old actress is sweet and lovely, but why? Why not Sweetest Award but dirtbag? This is because her acting in “Horrible Bosses” makes every guy wants to “EAT” her! The sexual harassment is without a doubt the best we have seen in this year. “I would like to say thank you to the television show ‘Friends’ for letting me unleash my inner-sweetheart, and here’s to Seth Gordon (‘Horrible Bosses’ director) for letting me be a dirtbag,” Aniston said in her acceptance speech.






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