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Classic Car Collector Who Has Over 600 Cars in Thailand

In the 90s, America and Japan are two countries that manufactures a lot of cool cars and fast cars. In the early 50s and 60s, United Kingdom, Germany, as well as France built a lot of cool cars during that era. In 2020, while we are entering 2021, we found all these cars are now living in Thailand. This is definitely amazing. At least we know there is a place in Thailand is keeping over 600 antique cars from 1920s, 1930s, and even 1940s. Pre-war or post-war cars? You name it!

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What? Robert Pattinson drives a $2,500 Chevy Silverado?

Robert Pattinson Car
What? Robert Pattinson drives a $2,500 Chevy Silverado? Many Pattinson’s fans may react even more surprise than us when their know the millionaire celebrities is a economical man. The 26-year-old blood sucker is earning an estimate $26.5 million last year from all his film and he spend money like a man pulling $26,000 a year. Guess what? Pattinson recently purchase an old Chevy Silverado from Craigslist and he says that is a beautiful and solid car. Other than this $2,500 Silverado, Pattinson also mentioned the first car he ever bought was $1,000 at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” show. Tell us now, do you feel “What the heck is Robert Pattinson thinking? He should at least get a Lamborghini Aventador like Kim Kardashian do.” or you feel “Millionaire doesn’t means he or she has to got a fancy car”.

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Kim Kardashian is spotted in a $376,000 Lamborghini Aventador

Kim Kardashian Lamborghini Aventador
Every time a celebrity is spotted with an expensive car, the news will sure go viral and comments will be flying around. This time, Kim Kardashian is spotted in a $376,000 Lamborghini Aventador when she is refilling gas for the super car. With an estimated of US$35 million according to, it seems like the Aventador is just 1/100 of what the television personality has. The Aventador is one of the fastest cars in the world. It is capable of traveling up to 217mph and achieves 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds. The backside of the car looks good, so does Kim’s. The performance and price is without doubt not a question, the question is – Do you think Kim Kardashian is suitable for Lamborghini Aventador? Yes or No?

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