Mom suing Justin Bieber for hearing loss

Mom suing Justin Bieber

A mom is suing Justin Bieber for hearing loss as she claims the pop star is too loud at his concert. Too loud? According to TMZ, the mentioned mum, Stacey Betts, is suing Justin Bieber for impairing her hearing at a concert that took placed in Portlandin 2010. The concert is too loud? Stacey Betts is seeking to claim nearly $10 million from Justin Bieber for her ruining her hearing. As usual, this kind of issue will create a heat wave from all Bieber fans. Bieber fans are angry and lots of them already protect Bieber by giving comments through their Twitter or Facebook account. We, MiddletonDress, will leave this question to all our readers. Do you think it is reasonable to sue Justin Bieber for “Hearing Loss”? Or this is just another wave for someone that is popular?






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