Kate Middleton look-alike

Kate Middleton look-alike
You can call her Kate Middleton look-alike, Kate Middleton clone, or even Kate Middleton genetic copy. Who is she? Does she really look like the Duchess of Cambridge? Yes she is, she is Heidi Agan, a 32-year-old burger joint waitress who now earns 650 pounds per appearance just because she looks like the future Queen. The Kate Middleton look-alike is also a mother-of-two, who has a three year old daughter that could not recognize her own mother when she is given both Heidi and Kate photos. Previously Heidi was making 6 pounds an hour but now it is like 100 times. Before that, she often recognize as Catherine by mistake. “People would come in and point at me and say ‘that’s her’,” Agan said. Well, it must be a gift from god that makes her look like Kate Middleton. Again, the photo you see above is Heidi Agan which is now better known as Kate Middleton look-alike. She is not a wax woman. Is there anyone out there who looks like Prince William?