Kate Middleton’s Cousin

Kate Middleton Cousin
She is Kate Middleton’s cousin. She poses for Playboy magazine and appear on their September cover. She is a burlesque dancer in New York City. She feels it was the most ridiculous thing she ever heard when she found out she was related to Kate Middleton. Most people know her as Kate Middleton’s cousin more than Katrina Darling. The heat was taken off from the 22-year-old royal cousin when Kate Middleton photo scandal happened but now the heat is going back to her again. Why? This is because Darling has been stripping off for audiences in Notting Hill with some new tattoos. Seems like Katrina Darling make good use of her relationship as Kate Middleton’s cousin to make good money.
Kate Middleton cousin
Image Source: Theo Wargo/Getty Images North America