Justin Bieber wanted for questioning in assault investigation

Justin Bieber Fight
Justin Bieber got out from his car with a fierce look. Selena Gomez is at the back picking up the hat? Image from Justin Bieber Zone

It was Sunday and it was suppose to be a nice Memorial Day weekend but Justin Bieber is in trouble with a paparazzo who attempted to take the “Justin Bieber photo of the day” while Justin is out with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. According to a witness, the photographer blocked Bieber’s car in order to take his photo with Selena Gomez. Justin got out from the car and has some sort of physical altercation with the photographer. The paparazzi then called 911 but Justin and Selena had left when the deupties arrived. The photographer was then taken by theL.ACountyFire Department to a hospital as he complained his chest is pain. Bieber’s spokesperson did not immediately respond to messages. As a matter of fact, Justin Bieber is a battery suspect now and it is likely he could be facing a misdemeanor battery charge.

Justin Bieber no shoe
I’ll Never Say Never. Justin Bieber had just visited Mike Tyson lately and Tyson gave him a boxing training. See the picture above, Justin Bieber seems lost his cool as well as his shoe! Image via GSI Media

Who do you think is wrong? And what you will vote?
A. Justin Bieber will have to go to the court
B. The paparazzo wants money from this incident. He deserves a sucker punch!
C. I don’t know







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