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Jennifer Aniston wins the Award for Best Dirtbag

Jennifer Aniston
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If you watched the movie “Horrible Bosses” or see Jennifer Aniston Horrible Bosses pictures before, you will know why she is awarded Best Dirtbag. Everyone know the 43-year-old actress is sweet and lovely, but why? Why not Sweetest Award but dirtbag? This is because her acting in “Horrible Bosses” makes every guy wants to “EAT” her! The sexual harassment is without a doubt the best we have seen in this year. “I would like to say thank you to the television show ‘Friends’ for letting me unleash my inner-sweetheart, and here’s to Seth Gordon (‘Horrible Bosses’ director) for letting me be a dirtbag,” Aniston said in her acceptance speech.

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Ten great Jennifer Aniston hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles
Whether it is curly, messy, straight, quirky, straight-long, wavy, choppy, medium, bob-style, short, wild, punk, colored, or fizzy hairstyles, Jennifer Aniston had it all over her career lifetime. A good-looking girl like Aniston looks good all the time no matter what kind of hairstyles she has, don’t you think so? Look at the different hairstyles she used to has, which one you prefer?

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The moment Jennifer Aniston shows her legs

Jennifer Aniston legs

There are moments when Jennifer Aniston shows off her legs, either when she walks on red carpet or in front of the well-known TV host and comedian David Letterman. The FRIENDS actress who has nice legs and great body (check out Jennifer Aniston “Horrible Bosses” pictures) is worth to be featured here. It takes a lot of hard work to keep a body fit, and we do pay our respect to the 42-year-old actress because many young ladies couldn’t even keep their body fit slim.

Jennifer Aniston Legs

For nice leg suckers, this is it! Of course, we don’t only look at her from the front. The most right picture is the view for Jennifer Aniston leg from the back. It’s something unpredictable but in the end is right; I hope you had the time of your life.

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Jennifer Aniston “Horrible Bosses” pictures

Jennifer Aniston Horrible Bosses sexy scene

No one could ever forget about Jennifer Aniston’s hot scene in the 2011 movie “Horrible Bosses”. The 43-year-old actress looks hot and sexy in her black underwear in the movie. We have compiled several Jennifer Aniston hot pictures from the movie. If you never watch the movie before, get one DVD and watch how the sexy actress conspire to murder her awful boss when she realize her boss is standing in the way of her happiness.

Jennifer Aniston Horrible Bosses
Jennifer Aniston sexy scene in “Horrible Bosses”

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