Lady Gaga wears yet another meat dress

Lady Gaga meat dress look fatter
Again and again, Lady Gaga wears yet another meat dress and appears in front of millions of people during her concert in Amsterdam this week. The infamous meat dress/meat cloth/meat garment or whatever you prefer to call this fashion is once again attracted lots of flash flights from cameras. Compared to the last time when Gaga debuts her second meat dress photo in her twitter, she seems look a little fatter and “meater” now. OMG! Is Gaga actually ate the meat she wore? Now what we wondering is how many kilos of meat she actually wore on her including her meat shoe? Sooner or later, we guess she will debut meat earrings, meat handbags, meat bra, and may be meat underwear. Guess what, these meats can actually be eaten. Left photo above: Courtesy of Splash News.





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