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2022 Bangkok Motor Show with Beautiful Girls

The 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show is finally back! It’s been 2 years since we couldn’t travel to the land of smile to see these girls and cars. Fortunately, with the help Youtubers who is living in Bangkok, we are able to see what’s going on in Thailand this year. This is definitely a great video to watch. We have gone through it and see a few new cars lunched at the Motor Show. For example, the new Toyota bz4x, Honda HR-V e:HEV, Honda Civic e:HEV RS and many more. It’s good to see the market is back and we do hope the pandemic will be gone soon. We hope we can say good bye to those days with mask and every back to normal. Cheers!

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Why Indian Women Don’t Wear Bra?

Have you ever thought about why Indian women don’t wear bra? Most of the Indian women do not wear bra, some of them do not wear underwear. The main reason is because of their costume. Indian women wear “Saree” which has built-in bra and underwear. This is one of the main reason why they don’t wear bra. This is a video found on Youtube explains it clearly from head to toe.

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Jennifer Lopez’s daughter

Jennifer Lopez's daugther
Once again, Jennifer Lopez brings her daughter to show off in front of cameras. Of course, there is nothing but flash flash flash from all the photographers. The 43-year-old most powerful celebrity of 2012 bring her 4-year-old daughter, Emme Maribel Muniz, to Chanel fashion show held last few days. This was Emme’s first time to a fashion show and she did scored a seat at front row together with J Lo’s latest date Casper Smart. However, cameras are more focus on Jennifer Lopez’s daughter as this is her first time on front seat in a fashion show. (Image source: Getty Image)

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Lady Gaga wears yet another meat dress

Lady Gaga meat dress look fatter
Again and again, Lady Gaga wears yet another meat dress and appears in front of millions of people during her concert in Amsterdam this week. The infamous meat dress/meat cloth/meat garment or whatever you prefer to call this fashion is once again attracted lots of flash flights from cameras. Compared to the last time when Gaga debuts her second meat dress photo in her twitter, she seems look a little fatter and “meater” now. OMG! Is Gaga actually ate the meat she wore? Now what we wondering is how many kilos of meat she actually wore on her including her meat shoe? Sooner or later, we guess she will debut meat earrings, meat handbags, meat bra, and may be meat underwear. Guess what, these meats can actually be eaten. Left photo above: Courtesy of Splash News.

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Kate Middleton put herself in the same dress again

Kate Middleton Emilia Wickstead pleated coat dress
Kate Middleton is spotted in an old look last few days when she turned up for her first garden party at Buckingham Palace. She wears a pink Emilia Wickstead pleated coat dress with a space-ship-look-alike chapeau by Jane Corbett. Well, she must really love the dress as she wore it eleven days ago. The Duchess of Cambridge can buy as many as dress she wants but she wore the same cloth twice. Ben Franklin used to say “If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.” We really have a lot of things to learn from the Duchess Kate. Kate matched the look with a L.K. Bennett pumps and clutch although it is the same dress. She is stunningly beautiful, gorgeous, and smart.

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