Bruce Lee Is Crazily Fast. Even World Karate Champion Admits It!

Speaking of Martial arts, Karate, Judo, Muay Thai, MMA, Chinese Kung Fu or whatever form of fighting, Bruce Lee, is a name that will come with all these fighting styles. Although is has been nearly half a century since the legend of Kung Fu left us, many people are still looking for his work, his art, and his philosophy in martial arts. Lately, we came across a youtube video of a 60s World Karate Champion Victor Moore challenging Bruce Lee on stage. Both of them are showing each other the best they could. The video here shows Bruce Lee throws a few punches at Victor Moore face and Victor Moore, the world karate champion, couldn’t even block it once. This video has been circulating around the internet world and we thought it is good to share it here. Please watch it and let us know your thoughts on Bruce Lee’s real speed in fighting!





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