Adriana Lima: The woman who wore two-million dollar bra is pregnant again

Adriana Lima pregnant

Weeks ago Drew Barrymore pregnant photos are leaked, which is good news for everyone. Now, Adriana Lima, the woman who used to wear a $2 million dollar diamond encrusted bra in New York is confirmed pregnant. The 30-year-old Victoria’s Secret model is excited to welcome her second child into the family later this year. ”The best job in the world for me is being a mom. I never thought I could love so much. I always thought, does unconditional love exist? Now I know it does because I feel it.”, said Adriana Lima. Previously we heard from another Victoria’s Secret beauty Miranda Kerr who said breastfeeding is her technique to snap back into shape. Will Adriana Lima also do the same? In case you don’t remember the two-million dollar bra fromVictoria’s Secret, this is the photo. How shine it is.






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