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Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction on stage

Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction

Anyone who attended Taylor Swift show in St. Louis will remember the Monroe moment when she accidentally got blowed by a wind machine. It’s nothing wrong to walk to the wind machine but what is wrong is Taylor is wearing a dress! Although the country singer had a minor wardrobe malfunction by exposing the panties to her fans, she quickly handles the situation like a pro. Guess what? She didn’t miss a lyric or one beat! Taylor Swift, You Belong With Me~ Love you always.

Marilyn Monroe and Taylor Swift wardrobe malfunction
Marilyn Monroe and Taylor Swift wardrobe malfunction moment

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Miley cyrus wardrobe malfunction again! Braless and side boob flashed!

miley cyrus wardrobe malfunction

Argghhh Miley, how many times we have to remind you to wear a bra incase your wardrobe malfunction? Although this is the first second X times Miley Cyrus wardrobe malfunctions, cameras still can’t stop to flash on her and her side boob. This time, the 19-year-old pop star is spotted braless in a shopping mall with her mum. Miley is wearing a cutoff, loose-fitting Iron Maiden Killer World Tour t-shirt with blue jean while cameras catch her photos. There is nothing wrong with the shirt but inside the shirt is nothing but boobs.

miley cyrus wardrobe malfunction
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