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Why Indian Women Don’t Wear Bra?

Have you ever thought about why Indian women don’t wear bra? Most of the Indian women do not wear bra, some of them do not wear underwear. The main reason is because of their costume. Indian women wear “Saree” which has built-in bra and underwear. This is one of the main reason why they don’t wear bra. This is a video found on Youtube explains it clearly from head to toe.

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Justin Bieber’s underwear exposed!

Justin Bieber's underwear exposed

Can you believe the pop star with millions of fans has just show off his butt? See how Justin Bieber wears at the 2012 Wango Tango concert. He is wearing an extremely low sagging jean, blue jacket with a white t-shirt inside and his white underwear exposed. All the girls’ fans must have screamed a lot at the concert. Ohh wooaahhh, baby baby baby Ooooooooh…

Justin Bieber underwear
Bieber is trying to keep his pant up all the time but it just can’t. (photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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Now that’s Pippa Middleton underwear photos

Pippa Middleton Underwear

There is a saying from MiddletonDress, “Once gained fame, forever flaming.” From Kate Middleton’s made of honor to sister-in-law of the Duke of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton never escape even just one day from paparazzi. Everyone is chasing after her nude photos, topless photos, bikini photos, and now her underwear photos. Most pictures circling on the internet related to Pippa Middleton underwear is only the one above. Feel disappointed because you expect this to be the Pippa Middleton underwear photo?

Pippa Middleton red underwear
Pippa Middleton with red underwear? Superwoman?

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