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Lindsay Lohan Tanning Bill rack up to $40,000!

Lindsay Lohan blue bikini
Lindsay Lohan owes a tanning bill of over $40k? How on earth did Lohan rack up a tanning bill with such a huge amount? Yes, it is not cheap for Lohan to keep her superlicious skin color. Nevada judge orders Loahn to pay the bill after a tanning salon in Nevada filed a case that the pop star hasn’t paid her outrageous bill where she used the services between 2007 and 2009. The tanning salon, called Tanning Vegas, didn’t receive any penny although judge ordered Lohan to pay the tanning bill. Lately, Lindsay Lohan is busy for her role as Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming movie “Liz & Dick” and she has to go to the gym 5 times a week. $40K doesn’t seem to be a problem for her and may be she just doesn’t have time to drop by the tanning salon and pay the bill? Whatever it is, the truth is Lohan is having a $40K tanning bill waiting to be paid.

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