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  • How tall is Tom Cruise?

    Just when you thought Tom Cruise is short, he is actually 5′ 7″. Two inches shorter than average American man at 5′ 9″. That’s actually pretty tall by celebrity standards. People who think he is short is because he always appear beside Katie Holmes, which has the height of 5′ 9″.

  • How tall is Kate Middleton?

    Kate Middleton height is 5’ 10” (177.8 cm). That’s a model height, that’s a sexy height, and most important that’s the height relative to Prince William. The Duchess of Cambridge is tall, beautiful, and elegant. She is 10 out of 10. Everyone loves her and we do love her too. See also: How tall is…

  • How tall is Pippa Middleton?

    How tall is Pippa Middleton? We have seen millions of Pippa Middleton photos during and after the royal wedding. The maid of honor for the royal wedding is thought to be 5’ 9” (175cm). So guys, make sure you are at least 6 feet tall if you want to go after the younger sister of…