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Nicki Minaj Topless Photo Burns the World Wide Web

Nicki Minaj topless photo

For all the man out there, you should say a thousand thanks to Nicki Minaj’s hype man Scaff Breezy who posted Nicki Minaj topless photo when she is in the middle of getting dressed. In fact, Nicki Minaj”s fans should say a million thanks to Nicki who was then retweeted the topless, sexy, and attractive photo to all her followers on Twitter. We do not know the main purpose of these actions but we clearly know that Nicki Minaj is very lovely and sexy. Which one do you think is better? This topless hand-bra instagram photo or the one we posted a few months ago, the two-piece see-through top photo? Bravo? (Photo Credit: Nicki Minaj Twitter)

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Shakira is Pregnant!

Waka! Waka! Shakira is confirmed pregnant. The pregnancy is no longer a rumor after the Colombian singer published a confirmation note on her website saying “As some of you may know, Gerard and I are very happy awaiting the arrival of our first baby!” It is very obvious that the center-back of FC Barcelona has just scored a golden goal. Good job Gerard Pique! Well, what we possibly miss is we won’t be able to see Shakira performing her infamous electric ass dance for the next 10 months until she deliver the baby. Gratulatio! Shakira.

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Nicole Riche wears a sexy $8,000 gown

Sexy Nicole Richie
Yes, yes, yes, we can’t stop ourself from praising Nicole Riche’s latest style. That is sooooooooooo sexy, that’s so hot, and that’s so attractive not only to men but women. Extra points given to the mother of two with that curve! Well, that gown is a unique Mathieu Mirano that cost $8,000. It may take several months salary for a normal employee but can you wear it that good? The photo above is when the hot mum arrives at the ALMA Awards in Los Angeles last two days. (Photo from Getty Images)

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Anne Hathaway Brokeback Mountain

Anne Hathaway Brokeback Moutain
Anne Hathaway in Brokeback Moutain

If there is a chance for us to vote the hottest gay movie, we will vote for Brokeback Moutain. It’s not about guy but Anne Hathaway’s nude scene in the movie with Jake Gyllenhaal. Although the scene is less than 20 seconds in a car, we believe everyone can get down with that. Except her nude scene in Havoc, Brokeback Moutain is one of the best scenes Anne Hathaway ever had up to date.
Anne Hathaway Brokeback Moutain
Anne Hathaway Brokeback Moutain Scene

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Taylor Swift’s backless white dress, a peep to the beauty’s back

Taylor Swift sexy white dress
American sweetheart Taylor Swift looks attractive in a short white backless dress when the country singer arrived at the 2012 Teen choice Awards. The Maria Lucia Hoan dress not only has a huge hole at the back but it also has a huge cutout at both sides. The 22-year-old singer looks stunning with her mile-long gams matched with a pair of nude peep-toe heels. We would like to give ten words to Taylor Swift’s backless white dress – sweet, cute, gorgeous, lovely, dazzling, beautiful, stunning, elegant, attractive, and sexy! It does deserve more than just a peep. Guys, enough!

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