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Anne Hathaway Brokeback Mountain

Anne Hathaway Brokeback Moutain
Anne Hathaway in Brokeback Moutain

If there is a chance for us to vote the hottest gay movie, we will vote for Brokeback Moutain. It’s not about guy but Anne Hathaway’s nude scene in the movie with Jake Gyllenhaal. Although the scene is less than 20 seconds in a car, we believe everyone can get down with that. Except her nude scene in Havoc, Brokeback Moutain is one of the best scenes Anne Hathaway ever had up to date.
Anne Hathaway Brokeback Moutain
Anne Hathaway Brokeback Moutain Scene

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Emma Watson has a new ‘bad-girl’ look in new movie ‘The Bling Ring’

Emma Watson Bling Ring look
Photo by SplashNews

How does Emma Watson look like if she is no longer Hermione Granger? All of us know Emma rose to prominence playing Hermione in Harry Potter, an intelligent and nice girl who willing to stand up for the justice. But how would she looks like if she changed toa bad girl? I mean really really bad with tattoos over the hand, dont-care-about-other character, oversized sunglasses, lower back tattoo in hot pants, bra, and high heels. Don’t worry, Emma is still the cute and nice girl we knew. This is just her role as reality-star in the new movie ‘The Bling Ring’. See some of her real life photos, she is still the Hermione we knew.

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The way Lindsay Lohan licks

Lindsay Lohan Machete
Lindsay Lohan Machete Poster – It shows the way Lindsay Lohan licks a gun

This is a promo poster for Lindsay Lohan movie ‘Machete’ two years ago. Lohan is dressed in nun and licking a gun. It is the Robert Rodriguez film that out September 3, 2010. This poster goes viral after it was released because it gives a lot of imagination to people especially guys (Hey guys, don’t even think about it okay?). In the movie, Lohan goes topless in several scenes too. She is freaking hot and she is definitely one naughty sister! Agree or Disagree?

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Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor: How much they look alike?

Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth Taylor
Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor

Lindsay Lohan is set to play Elizabeth Taylor, one of the most famousHollywoodfilm stars in the world. From a few pictures spread out fromHollywood, Lohan did look like Taylor after she put on the Taylor-made makeup. Everyone knows Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s ability in acting, her alluring lifestyle, her beauty, her sexy, and her distinctive violet eyes. On the other hand, Lindsay Lohan does have glamorous and exciting lifestyle over the years – which we have seen her hauled in for numerous court appearances and other stuffs that is just not-so-lucky for her. However, her career has back on track in the recent years and the 25-year-old is reported hitting the gym 5 days a week in order to get Taylor’s shape for the movie ‘Liz & Dick’. So, have you noticed how much they look alike? 70%? 80%? Or 90%?

Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth Taylor
Lindsay Lohan and Elizabeth Taylor

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