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GO TO HELL Lady Gaga!

Go to hell Lady Gaga
GO TO HELL Lady Gaga! That’s one of the slogan Muslim men shout during a rally against Gaga’s sold-out concert in Indonesia. Reasons? Islamist hard-liners in Indonesiaworry her fashion is “too sexy” and her provocative dance moves may corrupt teenager. The concert is scheduled to be held on June 3 but Lady Gaga has cancelled the show after the threats. Last few days, the pop star has just finished her “The Born In This Way BALL” concert in Bangkokwithout any problems and thousands of people attended the show including guy, girl, gay, and ladyboy. However, God Hates Gaga for some reasons. (Photo above by Dita Alangkara/AP)

Lady Gaga in Bangkok
Lady Gaga in Bangkok “Ready for 50,000 screaming Thai monsters”. (Photo by Pattarachai Preechapanich)

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Lady Gaga’s Indonesia Concert – Bye Bye!

Lady Gaga green dress
Thousands of Islamic hard-liners protest against Lady Gaga’s concert in Indonesia. Some of these protestors are conservative lawmakers and not-Gaga fans for sure. Protestors claimed the singer clothes are too sexy and the way she choreograph a dance will “distort” young people. This is not the first time western singers get denied in some Islamic country. It looks like Gaga’s sold-out show “Born This Way Ball” on 3rd June has to be cancelled. It’s a poor thing for all the fans who queue up whole day and night just to get the front seat ticket. Bye Bye!

Lady Gaga Indonesia
People in the photo above are those who don’t like Lady Gaga. There are millions of people love Lady Gaga and there are thousands of people inIndonesia seems hate Gaga. We just don’t understand.

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