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Lindsay Lohan looks better heavier

Lindsay Lohan before after
If we would to make a statement “Lindsay Lohan look better heavier”, will you agree with that? We know there will be unlimited statements and comments every time we bring the Disney Lindsay out. As you can see from the left photo, Lindsay Lohan looks pretty thin and healthier during the “Mean Girls” period back in 2004. Well, that was eight years ago. The photo on the right is a shot taken from Getty Images during January 2012 after the celebrity gone through drug use, eating disorder, court cases, drunk driving, and many stories. However, she did look better heavier, right? Look at that “S”.

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Mariah Carey does have her slim moment

Most people who born after 90s will know this Mariah Carey.
Mariah Carey
Photo: Getty Image

But for Mariahan who have been following Mariah Carey since she became a true singer, she does have her slim moment. Back in June 1998, Mariah Carey was at one of her all time lows – the slimmest Mariah Carey you will ever see. Surprise? No matter slim or fat, we love you, Mariah!
slim Mariah Carey
Photo: Getty Image

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Mila Kunis’ slim vs fat?

Mila Kunis Slim and Fat
Getty Image
The left image on top is Mila Kunis back in February 2010 when the Aston Kutcher’s gf going-to-be actress was reportedly just 95 pounds. She looks relatively slim compared to the right photo she took in June 2012 where she gained 25 pounds to 120 pounds and claimed “this is my normal body.” For us, we think Mila Kunis looks better when she is heavier. More curvy and sexier. Yes or No?

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