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Most dangerous celebrity is Emma Watson!

Most dangerous celebrity Emma Watson
Are you kidding? The most dangerous celebrity is Emma Watson but not Kristen Stewart? It is no surprise because the Korean uncle PSY who created Gangnam style can hit a mere 140 million views in Youtube, so Emma Watson can be the most dangerous celebrity too, but cyberly. According to a report from McAfee, Emma Watson is in the top list for being bait for cyber criminals. Many websites use Watson’s photo or details to lure internet users and pump in some viruses that will harm their computers. So, instead of Emma Watson’s naked photos or bikini photos, many internet users were tricked to download malicious script that steal their personal information such as credit card details. If you are searching for Emma Watson from the internet, there is a chance of approximately 12.5% you will be landing on a malicious site. Last year was Heidi Klum, this year is Emma Watson, and next year probably is Gangnam uncle?

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