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  • Selena Gomez’s Birthday

    What’s big this weekend except its Selena Gomez’s birthday on the 22 July? Selena Gomez is turning 20 years old and today is her last day being a teenager. The actress and singer best known for portraying Alex Russo but she is best best known for being Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. So, what does Justin got…

  • Justin Bieber birthday cake with Bieber figurine

    This is a Justin Bieber birthday cake that cost around $120 dollars. It is made of chocolate fudge and birthday girls can keep the figurine as a very special present. The purple shoe seems like is the shoe Justin wearing when he involved in a fight scene. It is a cake so perfect you won’t…

  • Justin Bieber iPhone birthday cake

    This iPhone-style white chocolate mud cake is best for anyone who is a huge HUGE fans of Justin Bieber. It is the best birthday cake for whoever loves iPhone, white chocolate, cake, music, and Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber iPhone Cake. Photo via Coco Jo.

  • Justin Bieber birthday cake for Sabrina

    Now this is a Jusin Bieber birthday cake that look meaning and delicious! Which piece of the cake you want to eat? (via justinbiebershrine on Blogspot)

  • Five most notable Justin Bieber Birthday Cakes

    This cake is brilliant because it has an actual Justin Bieber figurine on it. (via ninakix on Pinterest) A three-layer cake with candy and Bieber cupboard cut. (via ninakix on Pinterest) Guitar represents music and music represents Bieber. (via ninakix on Pinterest) Now here’s one with a Mic that can be eaten. (via ninakix on…