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Megan Fox no makeup, BEFORE AND AFTER

Megan Fox no makeup
Megan Fox – Before and After makeup

The transformer hottie is hot, sexy, and delicious. She is the combination of 80% devil body and 20% angel’s face. She ranked number eight in the 2012 Maxim Hot 100 list and topped many sexy-related lists over the years. Now look at the left picture on top, that’s a photo of Megan Fox without makeup. To be honest, do you recognize her as Megan? Previously we had Katy Perry no makeup look, and now this is Megan Fox no makeup look. Compare before and after. The answer is “Megan is natural beauty!” or “Nay”?

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Kim Kardashian plastic surgery photos – Before and After

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery is real or just another rumor? Beautiful has no limit and there is no end to pursuit the perfection of beauty. Is it real or fake? We will leave this question to you based on the similar white bikini photo she had in the past and in the recent.

Kim Kadarshian childhood

Kim Kadarshian childhood photo: Which one is actually her?

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