Kate Middleton Wedding Ring

Kate Middleton wedding ring
We first saw Kate Middleton’s wedding ring during Prince William and Kate Middleton official engagement interview last two years. At that time, Middleton dressed simple and nice. She looks relaxed and keeps her face smile all the time. When a photographer (Photo above and below source from Arthur Edwards/Getty Images) zoomed his camera to Middleton’s hand, the diamond engagement ring is flashing almost every second. The engagement ring is Princess Diana’s eighteen carat blue sapphire diamond ring. It was given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles during their engagement in 1981. Now, the engagement ring reappear again after 29 years. Today, you can see a similar engagement ring available for sale somewhere else because it has been copied after Princess Diana flashed it in the ‘80s. Several jewelry factories try to create and sell a ring that is similar to Diana’s. Prince William and Kate Middleton have been dated for eight years and they have finally tied the knot. Prince William is said to have proposed to Kate Middleton during their trip to Kenya. Last year, the Royal Wedding is considered the biggest and most watched wedding of the year. Until today, they are happy ever after and we do happy for them too.

Kate Middleton Wedding Ring
Kate Middleton Wedding Ring – An 18 Carat Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring