Justin Bieber wears a T-shirt that is really annoying! Doing Real Stuff Sucks?

Justin Bieber tshirts
We love Justin Bieber, just like everybody does. But the pop star steps out in an annoying look with an annoying t-shirts that reads “Doing Real Stuff Sucks” and it’s all capital letters! The 18-year-old star matched the t-shirt with an LVbelt, red sports shoe, and a sagging jean that looks like the one make his underwear exposed during Wango Tango concert. Look at the photo taken by Bruja from PacificCoastNews.com, Bieber seems showing a face that real stuff sucks! Baby, baby, baby oh~ What kind of real stuff that really sucks for a 18-year-old teenager that doesn’t has to worry about jobs, foods, car loan, and house loan?






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