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How tall is Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise height
Just when you thought Tom Cruise is short, he is actually 5′ 7″. Two inches shorter than average American man at 5′ 9″. That’s actually pretty tall by celebrity standards. People who think he is short is because he always appear beside Katie Holmes, which has the height of 5′ 9″.

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Tom Cruise shows off his six-pack abs

Tom Cruise six packs abs

Don’t salivate after seeing the mission-impossible-man Tom Cruise’s six pack abs. Cruise is “forced” to remove his shirt and show off his tattooed body for the June cover of W last week. Don’t get anything wrong, Cruise is not changing his usual cool style, this is for the upcoming movie musical Rock of Ages. Are you salivating? Go and work out in the gym right now! Don’t forget that six packs are all about correct diet and correct workout. Stay away from FAT.

Tom Cruise shirtless

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