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Barefoot Rihanna!

barefoot rihanna

High heels make a pretty girl looks prettier, a sexy girl looks sexier, and a hot girl looks hottier. But, there are times where they were removed because sometimes barefoot walks better. Every girl knows it. See? Even Rihanna is caught barefoot several times over the years. The most recent one is the popstar showed up barefoot at the Japan premier of “Battleship” at the International Yoyogi First Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan. And of course, with pajamas!

barefoot rihanna
Barefoot Rihanna at Japan Premier “Battleship” (Photo by Koki Nagahama/Getty Images)

Rihanna barefoot

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Look how Rihanna wears. Is she just???

Rihanna white dress
Photo By Maciel/X17online.com

Rihanna shared her topless and semi-nude photo recently and dazzled the night at L.A. premiere of “Battleship”. But she doesn’t look good all the time. Look at the photo on top, RiRi wears a lacy bandeau top and see-through crocheted white skirt when she head out for her dinner last Thursday. Guess what? Nobody would like to see her stomach exposed. The pop star changed to wear a scruffy denim patriotic ensemble after the dinner and head to the Roxbury club in Hollywood. Arggghhhh, RiRi, why like that?

Photo By David Tonnessen/PacificCoastNews.com

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Rihanna shares her topless photos

Rihanna topless

You are not just gonna stand there and watch her burns. The 24-year-old is clearly not shy to share her racy and animalistic photos of herself getting ready for the right-now 28 million views music video “Where Have You Been” on Facebook. Some of these snapshots show off a lot of the Barbadian’s skins – her skin and crocodile skin. Good body is nothing shy to show off isn’t?

Rihanna topless

Rihanna topless back crocodile

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Rihanna dazzles in white-hot slit dress

Rihanna white-hot slit dress

Rihanna dazzles last night’s L.A. premiere of “Battleship” with white-hot slit dress. She turned out stunningly sexy with white high heels. Her healthy look makes everyone forget that she was treated for dehydration and exhaustion earlier this week. The hardest part to wear a slit-dress is to look sexy but not slutty. “I’ve gotta hold on to my outfit a little tighter than usual”, the Battleship actress joked to Access Hollywood. Ri-ri is the second lady that looks hot in slit-dress after Kate Middleton high-slit dress at the Thirty Club’s dinner earlier this month.

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