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How tall is Pippa Middleton?

Pippa Middleton height

How tall is Pippa Middleton? We have seen millions of Pippa Middleton photos during and after the royal wedding. The maid of honor for the royal wedding is thought to be 5’ 9” (175cm). So guys, make sure you are at least 6 feet tall if you want to go after the younger sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. If you don’t have that height, DON’T! See also: How tall is Kate Middleton? (Photo original from CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)

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Pippa Middleton steal Kate Middleton’s look

Pippa Middleton vs Kate Middleton

Do you still remember how Kate Middleton wear during her engagement announce? If yes you may feel Pippa’s Raspberry Issa silk wrap dress looks like a copycat. Pippa Middleton tries to steal Kate’s look, Kate’s dress, and Kate’s shoe. She matched the dress with a floral hat, black clutch, and suede to attend a wedding in Scotland. Pippa, you can steal Kate’s dress, shoe, clothes, gloves, hat, even underwear and bra but there is only one Duchess of Cambridge that we all know is a style icon, that’s Kate Middleton. Who do you think more suitable for the Issa silk wrap dress? Kate Middleton or Pippa Middleton? (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

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Now that’s Pippa Middleton underwear photos

Pippa Middleton Underwear

There is a saying from MiddletonDress, “Once gained fame, forever flaming.” From Kate Middleton’s made of honor to sister-in-law of the Duke of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton never escape even just one day from paparazzi. Everyone is chasing after her nude photos, topless photos, bikini photos, and now her underwear photos. Most pictures circling on the internet related to Pippa Middleton underwear is only the one above. Feel disappointed because you expect this to be the Pippa Middleton underwear photo?

Pippa Middleton red underwear
Pippa Middleton with red underwear? Superwoman?

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See Pippa Middleton’s gun – Are you still dare to be paparazzi?

Pippa Middleton Gun photo

The biggest thing happened around Pippa Middleton isn’t just her sexy bikini photos that leaked from one of her friends but her pal who pointed a gun at a paparazzi from his open-roof Audi. Well, it turned out to be a “gun without bullet” joke. Isn’t this prank is a little serious? Come on, look at the photos, any paparazzi will be shocked. Just in case you can’t imagine how Pippa Middleton looks like if she holds guns, it has got to be like this.

Pippa Middleton Gun

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Pippa Middleton Bikini photos goes viral on the web

Pippa Middleton Bikini

A friend of the Middletons and the royals took some photos of Pippa Middleton wearing bikini during their vacation trip and then sold it to media. Is this considered a betrayal? Or do you actually thank him/her for selling this bikini photos so that everyone stand a chance to see how hot she is in bikini? Whatever it is, one thing we can sure is the sister-in-law of the Duke of Cambridge has a smoking hot body. What do you say then?

Pippa Middleton Bikini
A backflip by Pippa Middleton – Audience: Kate Middleton

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