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Megan Fox no makeup, BEFORE AND AFTER

Megan Fox no makeup
Megan Fox – Before and After makeup

The transformer hottie is hot, sexy, and delicious. She is the combination of 80% devil body and 20% angel’s face. She ranked number eight in the 2012 Maxim Hot 100 list and topped many sexy-related lists over the years. Now look at the left picture on top, that’s a photo of Megan Fox without makeup. To be honest, do you recognize her as Megan? Previously we had Katy Perry no makeup look, and now this is Megan Fox no makeup look. Compare before and after. The answer is “Megan is natural beauty!” or “Nay”?

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Which hottie is in the top 20 of Maxim Hot 100 list?

Maxim Hot 100 Top 20
1. Bar Refaeli – The winner of 2012! Bar Refaeli is voted and named the most beautiful woman. If you don’t agree with that, YOU ARE GAY!
2. Olivia Munn – The runner-up of 2012 Maxim Hot 100.
3. Mila Kunis
4. Katy Perry – Katy comes in at number 4 in the list after her split with Russell Brand.
5. Olivia Wilde
6. Jennifer Lawrence
7. Emma Stone – We are shocked!
8. Megan Fox – We are not surprised!
9. Malin Akerman – We are impressed.
10. Adrianna Palicki
11. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – She topped the list last year and made it to number 11 this year.
12. Kate Beckinsale
13. Blake Lively – She is the ‘Gossip Girl’.
14. Lea Michele – She is the ‘Glee’ star.
15. Kristen Stewart – Stewart made it to number 15 with so many paparazzi following her everywhere everyday.
16. Charlize Theron – She is the queen from “Snow White and The Huntsman”.
17. Scarlett Johansson – It’s not odd to see Scarlett Johansson in the list but it’s odd if we don’t see her in the list.
18. Katrina Bowden
19. Victoria Justice – That’s the teen sensation.
20. Jennifer Love Hewitt – Jennifer, I always know what you did last summer.

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Megan Fox is pregnant? Gotcha photo! Real or Not?

Megan Fox pregnant
The transformer hottie finally is going to be a hot mommy? The actress who just turned 26 years old is spotted in L.A. with a baby bump. Does this mean we are going to see a little Megan soon? Megan Fox was married to actor Brian Austin Green back in June 2010 after a six-year de facto relationship. There is an unidentified source revealed that Megan and Green is expected to have a baby girl. Let’s look at the photo above from Limelight Pics, what do you think? Megan Fox is pregnant? Or it is just another rumor? Well, we just can’t imagine the hot and most sought-after sexy star is the mothering type.

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Megan Fox: HOT or NOT?

Megan Fox Hot and sexy

Megan Fox, have you ever NOT heard of this name? Everyone does. Megan Fox + HOT = YES? Yes it is. Men want Megan’s body and women want their body to be like Megan. Agree? However, the Transformer hottie isn’t always spicy, there are times where she did not show her hotness in front of camera. A reader fromChicagoemailed us and says “Megan is hot when she wears tight cloth, and she isn’t that hot when she is in loose cloth.” What do you say then?

Megan Fox not hot
Megan Fox’s not-so-hot photos

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Megan Fox on bed, see it, don’t imagine it

Megan Fox on bed

The “Transformer” hottie shows off the sexier side of her by lying on a ned with garter stockings and panties. OMG, how many guys (I don’t mean GAY) can actually feel nothing by looking at the picture? If you are hunger for Megan Fox’ leg, this is it!

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