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Madonna looks as young as model Georgia May Jagger

Lourdes Leon, Georgia May Jagger, Madonna
Lourdes Leon, Georgia May Jagger and Madonna (Iconix)

The 53-year-old music star who recently said she wants to be US President has hired the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger, a founder member of The Rolling Stones, to appear in the marketing campaign for Material Girl. When Madonna stands beside her own daughter Lourdes Leon, and the just-hired model Georgia May Jagger, she looks as stunning as a teenager. Agree or disagree? Look at the photo above again, are you sure the girl who stand on the right is Madonna?

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Madonna wants to be US President

Madonna and US President
Madonna says she wishes she could the US President and do a lot of great jobs for the people. Just like us, Madonna wishes she could stop America from wasting money on “weapons of mass destruction” and some other things that doesn’t help the country at all. “You can’t really change much in one day. I think I would like to be president for a longer time. I wouldn’t spend as much money for weapons of mass destruction but instead for education and art”, said the 53-year-old singer. As citizens of the United States, we wish the taxes we paid over the years go to the right place. Now the question is, will Madonna really become the President of the United States? From entertainment to political, if Arnold Schwarzenegger can be the Governor of California, why not Madonna be the US President? Madonna, we support you!

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