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Jennifer Lopez’s daughter

Jennifer Lopez's daugther
Once again, Jennifer Lopez brings her daughter to show off in front of cameras. Of course, there is nothing but flash flash flash from all the photographers. The 43-year-old most powerful celebrity of 2012 bring her 4-year-old daughter, Emme Maribel Muniz, to Chanel fashion show held last few days. This was Emme’s first time to a fashion show and she did scored a seat at front row together with J Lo’s latest date Casper Smart. However, cameras are more focus on Jennifer Lopez’s daughter as this is her first time on front seat in a fashion show. (Image source: Getty Image)

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Mariah Carey is now the new Idol judge, replacing J.Lo

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey is now officially replaces J.Lo as the new Idol judge. As a preeminent singer, the diva will be paid a $17 million salary according to It is $2 million more than Jennifer Lopez earned when she was one of the judges although that’s not the amount Mariah Carey’s husband Nick Cannon expected. Months ago, Nick Cannon may have made a joke by saying “American Idol” could not hire his famous wife, but now Mrs. Cannon is presumably will replace J.Lo. We expect the next season is going to be really excited because it is the first time a superstar whose songs have many contestants tried to imitate become the judge. Mariah, I Still Believe you will attract a lot of people to watch the show.

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Jennifer Lopez Backside: Best looking ever?

Jennifer Lopez backside

Jennifer Lopez backside is allegedly and consistently rated as world’s best looking backside. Some comments we received rate her backside as “multi-million ass”, “the curviest backside”, “the sexiest ass”, “the most wanted backside”, “the richest backside” and others. There won’t be wave without wind. Jennifer Lopez must have really wonderful backside otherwise there won’t be so many rumors flying around the world. Let’s not just listen to rumors but check out Jennifer Lopez backside pictures in different gowns as well as a sexy pink skirt. Do check out her sexiest music video “On The Floor” and see how she shakes her backside. Leave your comment here about her backside after seen these photos.

Jennifer Lopez backside

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Jennifer Lopez is the most powerful celebrity

Jennifer Lopez top celebrity

Jennifer Lopez named the most powerful celebrity by Forbes magazine in the “Top celebrity 100 list”, putting Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and some other well-known celebrities behind. J.Lo tops the list not because she made the most money (her earning is ranked at 30 among 100) or she has the most social followers (ranked at 19). J.Lo is not able to do a 200lbs bench press but she is powerful! A word from her could anytime change part of the world. That’s what makes her top in the list. Jennifer, we love you!

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J.Lo saying goodbye to “American Idol”?

Jennifer Lopez American Idol

The mother of twins, the main role for the upcoming movie, “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”, and one of the American Idol’s judges, Jennifer Lopez is planning to quit the Idol show after Season 11 ends with the reason “too busy”. Too busy is always the greatest reason for anyone to look for promotion. Britney Spears had recently make a big come back to “X Factor’ with the reported salary of $15 million which is the same salary that Lopez reportedly earning right now. Could this be the reason that shakes J.Lo’s heart to look for promotion? Do you think this rumor is true?

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