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Is She Emma Watson or Just Her Doppelganger?

Emma Watson Doppelganger
Which one is Emma Watson? On your left or on your right? To be honest, are you going to recognize the real Emma Watson if we don’t tell you the right one is her? The girl on the left is a normal person who has incredible celebrity doppelganger. She is nearly identical to the Harry Potter star Emma Watson. She looks just alike Emma Watson. Agree? Nay or Yay? Wait until you see Kate Middleton look-alike if you think this girl is 99% identical to Emma Watson.

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Most dangerous celebrity is Emma Watson!

Most dangerous celebrity Emma Watson
Are you kidding? The most dangerous celebrity is Emma Watson but not Kristen Stewart? It is no surprise because the Korean uncle PSY who created Gangnam style can hit a mere 140 million views in Youtube, so Emma Watson can be the most dangerous celebrity too, but cyberly. According to a report from McAfee, Emma Watson is in the top list for being bait for cyber criminals. Many websites use Watson’s photo or details to lure internet users and pump in some viruses that will harm their computers. So, instead of Emma Watson’s naked photos or bikini photos, many internet users were tricked to download malicious script that steal their personal information such as credit card details. If you are searching for Emma Watson from the internet, there is a chance of approximately 12.5% you will be landing on a malicious site. Last year was Heidi Klum, this year is Emma Watson, and next year probably is Gangnam uncle?

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Emma Watson has a new ‘bad-girl’ look in new movie ‘The Bling Ring’

Emma Watson Bling Ring look
Photo by SplashNews

How does Emma Watson look like if she is no longer Hermione Granger? All of us know Emma rose to prominence playing Hermione in Harry Potter, an intelligent and nice girl who willing to stand up for the justice. But how would she looks like if she changed toa bad girl? I mean really really bad with tattoos over the hand, dont-care-about-other character, oversized sunglasses, lower back tattoo in hot pants, bra, and high heels. Don’t worry, Emma is still the cute and nice girl we knew. This is just her role as reality-star in the new movie ‘The Bling Ring’. See some of her real life photos, she is still the Hermione we knew.

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Emma Watson revealing three more tattoos

Emma Watson Tattoos

We have seen Emma Watson’s lower back and arm tattoos. Now the 22-year-old English actress is revealing three more tattoos – one on her right hand, one on her left forearm, and another one is peaking out of her drawstring sweats. We don’t see any tattoos on Watson in her real life photos because these are temporary tattoos. This is sorely for the character as Niki in the upcoming “The Bling Ring”. Photo credit: Emma Watson/Twitter.

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Emma Watson’s real life photos

Emma Watson in real life

Emma Watson tells the audience how much she love make-up in a recent interview for Glamour UK. “I love doing make-up. I did my mum’s make-up for all her job interviews, and whenever my friends and I go out, I do their make-up too”, said Emma during the interview. Let’s see how she looks like in real life, in school, on the street and on the beach.

Emma Watson real life
In real life, Harmione Granger is as normal as any ordinary girl. She doesn’t have any magics but she is definitely pretty.

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