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First look of Drew Barrymore’s daughter

Drew Barrymore daughter

Lately the “Big Miracle” actress has become Drew Barrymore and more, yes, she is pregnant. Barrymore’s pregnancy photo flying around the online world crazily after her pregnancy is confirmed. Now the question is, boy or girl? Expecting twins? We guess should be a cute baby girl and she would probably look like Drew Barrymore’s childhood picture.

Drew Barrymore kid

By looking at Barrymore’s childhood photo, you can make sure there is nothing fake on her. She had never done any surgery before. Agree?

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Drew Barrymore pregnant photos

Drew Barrymore pregnant

More and more Drew Barrymore pregnancy photos start flying around the internet after her pregnant story is confirmed. Barrymore conceals her shape under Chanel at New York City Ballet Spring Gala but she can’t hide her stomach under a normal t-shirts. Congratulations to the mother-going-to-be actress, now she is Drew Barrymore-more.

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